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A Link To The Past: Boss Guide

Light World

Eastern Palace -- Armos Knights

This boss is really easy to defeat.All you have to do is shoot arrows at them like crazy.After you kill one now they form a wall type thing and hop at you.Every chance you get shoot an arrow at them.Now after there is one left it will turn all red so what you do is watch out for it and use your sword or arrows and shoot at it like crazy.Then your done get the first pendant.

Desert Palace -- Lanmolas

This boss is a worn type thing.It goes under ground when one starts to come up you will see a black circle.When one pops out rocks go flying every where.The way to kill one is to hit its head with your sword.Its more effective if you charge up the sword then hit its head because they stay under ground for awhile.The last one left is really hard because rocks come and shoot out at eight directions.Same thing use the sword to kill it.

Tower of Hera -- Moldorm

Moldorm is another worm thing.But now you're fighting on a platform so be careful not to fall off the open holes because you will have to start over all again.Moldorm's weal spot is the tail.Hit the tail as many times as possible with the sword.If you hit any other part of its body you will bounce back.After you have hit Moldorm's tail 5 time he will go psycho.Hit Moldorm's tail one more time and he will be dead.

Hyrule Castle -- Agahnim

Aghnim is the wizard that has kidnapped the girls.He throws fireballs at you.The Master Sword dont work on him so deflect the attacks with your sword.When Agahnim is in the top-center of the screen he will do a lightning attack which you better watch out for.After about 6 or 7 hits he is "dead".

Dark World

Palace of Darkness -- King Helmasuar

Break his purple helmet with the Magic Hammer.But it takes 17 hits to break it and watch out for the fireballs it spits at you.After you have broken the purple shell hit him in the face with sword.Now he moves around real fast.So its hard to not get hit.It takes about 10 hits to kill him after you have broken the helmet.

Swamp Palace -- Arrghus

To kill Arrghus reel in one of its sponges(or whatever it is)with the hookshot.Then slash away at it.Every couple seconds they will form a wider circle and spin faster and faster.After you killed 13 sponges now its time to kill Arrghus.Now Arrghus is alone it will go in the air and try to pound on you.So never stay in one spot more then 1 or 2 seconds.Now hit him with your sword when you get a chance.After 9 hits he's dead.

Skull Dungeon -- Mothula

There is lots of stuff you need to worry about in battle because the floor is moving in every direction,spike traps are moving in any direction,Mothula shoots fireballs at you, and avoid Mothula.You should atleast have some fairys in a bottle for this fight.Use your fire rod and shoot it at Mothula but you will run out of the magic real soon.When you have ran out of magic use your sword like crazy.I hope you surive this battle.

Blind's Hideout -- Blind The Thief

Blind the thief moves around at the top of the screen.Every few seconds he will stop and shoot a laser beam at you.After awhile he will go near the bottom of the screen.Use your sword and hit him in the head with it.After you have hit the head 3 times his head will detach(um eewww...) and fly around the room with fireballs coming out of his head.Slash the heads like a psycho and eventually he will die.

Ice Palace -- Kholdstare

In the battle blocks of ice will fall from the ceiling.You need to get Kholdstare out of the ice to damage him.So use the fire rod on the ice 8 times and he will be free.Now the fun starts.Now that you got him out he divides into 3 eyeballs.The eyeballs go around the room in random directions.Use the sword to slash them.This may seem like an easy fight gut each time you slash them it causes you to lose 3 whole hearts(6 if wearing the green suit).Keep on hitting them with the sword until dead.

Misery Mire -- Vitreous

In the begining of the battle the eyes will bounce at you.Just hit them with the sword.When the biggest eye becomes white its going to do a lightning attack.After you kill every little eye ball its time for you to kill Vitreous.Do the same thing you did with the small eye balls.It takes 16 hits with the sword to kill him.It takes 8 hits with the bow and arrows.

Turtle Rock -- Trinexx

At the begining of the battle you will fight the red and blue part.The red head attacks with fire and the blue head attacks with ice.When the blue one attack the floor will turn ice.To damage the red head use the ice rod to stun him, then slash him.Repeat this process until that head is dead.Do the same with the blue one except use the fire rod.When you have killed the blue head the creature will seem to be dead.Wait its not dead!!Now the monster looks like Moldorm.The weak spot is the flashing red spot in the middle.Attack the middle with the sword and he will die.

Ganon's Tower -- Agahnim

Agahnim will creat 2 clones of himself.The one in the center is the real Agahnim.All of the Agahnims will shoot fireballs at you.You must deflect them to the real one.The real Agahnim flashes when one of the fire balls is close.If you hit them at the other ones they go through them.There is possibly NO way to kill the clones so stop wasting your time.After you have hitten the real Agahnim a certain amount of time Agahnim falls to the ground.Then out comes Ganon.


Finally to the final boss.At the begining of the battle hit Ganon with the sword every chance you can possibly get.Avoid his flying staff around the room and just keep hitting him.After hitting him 6 or 7 times he will start creating bats.Keep moving away from the bats and they wont get you because they fly in a line.Continue hitting Ganon with your sword and he will go to stage 2.Now he stomps on the ground to make tiles fall.Make sure you dont fall in a pit.When every side is gone the room turns dark and Ganon turns invisible.Use the fire rod to light the torches and watch out for the chains of fire.Hit him with the sword when he is visable and he will be stunned.When he is blue, hit him with the silver arrows.After you used three silver arrows to hit him he is finally dead!!Yay you beat the game.