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About Us

For those who couldn't figure this out, we are a FAN MADE Zelda series site.

So this is where the story begins...

A couple years ago, it feels like a long time, I was adding Legend of Zelda fans to my Aol Instant Messenger list. Well throughout that I met a Zelda fan named Matt. Well he owned a site called Zelda 101. He asked me if I would like to make a site of my own. Of course I am always open up to new opportunities so I said, “Yes.”

He showed me Geocities, which can be used to make free sites. At the time I thought this was “cool” but in reality it wasn't. Pop-ups, not much space, bandwith, etc. are the things you have to deal with when you are at Geocities. Well my first site was basically a bomb, to be honest. The name was Legends of Zelda; which was inspired by what 'Zelda Legends' used to be called. I of course didn't know how to make the most amazing layouts so I had to use page builder. God, was that a pain in the butt. When you updated, say with an affiliate or link on the front page, you had to change EVERY page. I mean if you had say over 100 pages would you like to change every page when you updated? I don't think so. After about a year or so, I decided 'I'm switching hosts'.

As I was looking for good hosts, I came upon Hostultra. Which I thought was a good place to be hosted. So, I decided to switch there. I ended up between moving and setting up the site learning HTML because Hostultra doesn't have page builder. So I learned HTML, which of course is a good thing. But this time I didn't use a normal layout. I used a layout where you had a scrolling section in the middle, which meant no having to update every page. Then, one day while searching the net, I came upon a thing called PHP. Which I thought was really cool because you could have a normal layout without updating every page. I quickly learned PHP so I could evolve upon this certain type of layout. I then ended up getting a new layout which was a free layout that wasn't very Zelda-ish. But the good thing about it was I could apply for more affiliation and I got more visitors but the terrible thing about Hostultra still was the pop-ups.

You see, at the time I was getting upset by the pop-ups Matt from Zelda 101 got a domain name and a lot of space, without pop-ups and he asked my if I wanted to be hosted by him, so I of course said, once again, “yes.”

We are now in the next generation of The Shadow Palace. I have went through a lot with this site and I can safely say I am happy with it.