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Four Swords: Boss Guide

Guardian of the Sea Of Trees

Simply dodge the attacks until he unveils the two colored pods. Only the one Link with the matching color as teh pod may slash hime with the sword. If the pods are two different colors use the Links that are those colors. When handles appear on the either side of the plant the players must grab the handles and stretch them til they are fully extended. After doing that it will explose a pod that will allow you to finish him off.

Guardian of the Talus Cave

You will find gaint snail frozen in a block of ice. So have all players either charge or slash the piece of ice til' it breaks. Now the boss will jump around everywhere so use your Pegasus Boots and charge at it and force it into the eastern wall of ice. This will freeze the boss again so you can slash or charge at him. After this is repeated it will duplicate into four beings. Which you must find the real boss and force him into the wall again. Repeat this until reducing him into four colored orbs. Each player has its own orb so strike. You will be told which one because each player is blind of its own color. Just slash them until they are dead.

Guardian of Death Mountain

This boss throws colored fireballs at you. The color that matches the player must deflect the fireball back with the sword. After that the boss will split into smaller pieces. Now find the true vulnerable form and attack it with the sword. Strike the flame and attack it repeatedly until its dead.

The Great Wind Mage: Vaati

In the first section of the fight you must have the bombs equipt and throw then into the tornado. After you have defeated him it will put you into the second part of the fight.

This part of the fight is somewhat easier. Now he will split into three different bosses. What you do is attack them with the sword. You dont need to defeat them all but a certain amount of damage is required.