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Links Awakening: Boss Guide

Tail Cave: Moldorm
What you do to defeat this boss is just slash its glowing-tail with the sword. Each time you hit the tail Moldorm will speed up and try to knock you off the platform, so be careful. If you end up falling you will have to restart from the begining. Four hits and Moldorm will die.

Bottle Grotto: Genie
To beat Genie you have to have the sword and power bracelet equipped. Then move along the bottom wall to not get hit by the fire balls. The Genie will return to his bottle and start to jump around. Whack the bottle with the sword and pick it up and throw it at the wall. What out for the attacks and continue the bottle throwing. After you have thrown the bottle against the wall three times the genie will be free. Now use the sword and slash him six times and he will be dead. Hitting Genie will make him invisable and he will be able to go to a different part of the room.

Key Cavern: Slime Eye
Use the Pegasus boots and run into the wall to make Slime Eye appear. Then slash the pupil with your sword until the eye looks like its in half, then ram it with your Pegasus boots. Now the eyes are seperate so they will jump around the room and can stun you. Three hits per eye to defeat the boss.

Angler's Tunnel: Angler Fish
The battle for this boss takes place under water so be careful because it can be tricky. To beat the boss stay in one place, while facing Angler Fish, once a tentacle comes at you slash it. When he moves up and down DON'T follow it or you will be taking damage.

Catfish's Maw: Slime Eel
Try to avoid the eel's spiky tail and when it comes out hit it with the hookshot. Once the head has been dragged out hit the heart as quick as you can. The tail will still move so watch out for that.

Face Shrine: Facade
This boss is a umm.. a giant face. Make sure you have your bombs and shield equipped. When Facade has looked at you drop a bomb at the face. Use the shield to block the flying tiles.

Eagle's Tower: Evil Eagle
You need the Mirror Shield and Hookshot for this battle. Once Evil Eagle tries to blow you off the tower go towards the center with your shield. When Evil Eagle flies above you use the hookshot and launch it into the beak. After you have done this a few times the eagle will try to puch you off the ledge. Lucky that you have the Mirror Shield because you can use that against it.

Turtle Rock: Hot Head
Use the fire rod and shoot it at the head. Once Hot Head jumps out of the lava try to avoid the bombs that are thrown by him because they cause alot of damage. When Hot Head goes crazy or psycho walk along the edges of the walls because it avoids the contact. Use the fire rod still and when you have done that 14 times he will die.

Windfish's Egg: Shadow Bot
Use the Magic Powder. Using it three times does the trick.

Windfish's Egg: Agahnim
Reflect the lightning balls right back at him. Avoid the Split Lightning attacks.

Windfish's Egg: Moldorm
Goe after the tail and use the shield to defend.

Windfish's Egg: Ganon
Use the Pegasus boots and ram into Ganon. Use the L-2 Sword to slash him 6 times. If you dont have that sword use the L-1 Sword and you'll need to slash him 16 times.

Windfish's Egg: Lanmola
This is lame... One hit from the Magic Rod toasts him.

Windfish's Egg: Dethyl
One hit with the boomerang works. If you dont have the boomerang use ALOT of arrows. Attack him when the eye open. Once the tentacles come within range use Roc's Feather to leap over them.