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Links Awakening: Items & Equiptment


This is Link's main weapon in basicly every Zelda game. The sword will power-up throughout the game.


This item protects you from attacks from enemies. You can find a upgraded shield throughout the game.

Power Bracelet

You can lift heavy objects and pull levers with this bracelet. The legends say there is a more powerful bracelet to be found.

Magic Powder

Try to sprinkle the magic powder on many things to see its effects.

Sleepy Mushroom

Bring this mushroom to the witch to make the magic powder.

Roc's Feather

Use this item to avoid enemy attacks and jump over pits.


You can attack enemies, pick up the hard to reach items and break pots. Those are just some of the things you can do.

Magic Rod

Attack enemys with the Magic Rod or you can light lanterns in dungeons.


This item is basicly self-explanitory. Use the shovel to dig up buried treasure.


You only can use this item if you have arrows. If you run out of arrows got to a shop and buy some.


Bombs are used to blast open walls and to defeat some enemies.


When you learn songs play them on the Ocarina. The songs will be very useful in the adventure.

Pegasus Boots

With these boots you can run at incredible speeds.

Inventory Items

Heart Containers & Pieces of Heart

At the begining of the game Link starts out with three heart containers. As the game progresses mor into the story Link will get more heart containers. Another way to get a heart container is to collect Pieces of Heart. When you collect 4 pieces of heart you will have a one full heart container. There are a total of 12 pieces of heart on Koholint.

Yoshi Doll

They are some questions to this doll. Where do you find it? What happens when you have it? Some say that it leads to a great fiasco.


Use the flippers to swim in deep bodies of water.

Secret Medicine

This is a very handy item. When all of your heart containers are empty they will automaticly be restored.

Gold Leaves

Find the Gold Leaves for the Prince and he will give you a dungeon key.

Secret Seashells

The Secret Seashells are scatterd thoughout the island. Find one and something good is sure to happen.

Dungeon Items

Treasure Chest

You can find these in any dungeon. They usually contain rupees, power-increasing items and dungeon items.

Map and Compass

The Map shows you all the rooms in the dungeon and the Compass shows you where to find the treasure chests that you havent opened and the boss.

Stone Slabs & Fragments

When you place a stone slab fragment into a the stone slab it will give you a hint on how to conquer the dungeon.

Nightmare Keys and Small Keys

The Nightmare key is used to open a bossed door and the small keys are used to open a door in the dungeon.

Crystal Switches

In a few dungeons some cubical barriers may prevent you from going farther in to the dungeon. You can make the blocks rise and fall by force with the sword or other items.


Lift up pots and throw them at enemies for damage. Some pots have items or hearts. Other ones hide switches beneath them.

Dungeon Keys

Tail Key

The key to Tail Cave.

Slime Key

The Key to Key Cavern.

Angler's Key

The key to Angler's Tunnel.

Face Key

The key to face shrine.

Bird Key

The key to Eagle's Tower.