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The Legend Of Zelda: Items & Equipment

Bait- Can be purchased at stores.Used to get past enemies.

Bombs- Found all over hyrule.Bombs are used to blow stuff up.

Boomerang- Found in the first dungeon.It decreases the damage from attacks.

Bow- Found in the first dungeon,It shoots arrows at enemies.

Blue Ring- Decreases enemie attacks by half and changes Link's tunic blue.

Candles- Used to burn bushes.

Clock- A clock freezes enemies.

Compass- Used to find the triforce fragment in the dungeon.

Enemy Bait- Lures enemies to you and them bumo them as they approach it.

Fairy- A fairy gives you your life-meter restored.

Hearts & Heart Containers- Hearts give you life and containers is where you can store them.

Keys- Keys are used to open doors.

Ladder- Allows Link to cross rivers.

Letter- Allows olf ladies to sell Link potions.

Magical Shield- Powerful Shield.

Magical Sword- You get it after you have gotten six hearts,far more powerful than the white sword.

Magic Boomerang- Found in the second dungeon,more powerful than the original.

Magic Book- Teaches Link spells.

Magic Wand- Lets Link send out a magic beam.

Map- Maps help you if your lost in a dungeon.

Power Bracelet- Lets Link lift heavy things.

Ring- For 250 rupees at a shop you can decrease the damage of attacks by enemies and change your tunic blue.

Red Ring- In the ninth dungeon,this ring will decrease the damage attacks from enemies and change your tunic color to red.

Raft- Lets Link cross waters.

Rupees- Rupees are money for when you kill and enemie.

Shield- A very weak shield and it protects you from enemie attacks.

Triforce Fragment- There are eight of these fragments across Hyrule.Collect all of them and make a Triforce piece.

Wooden Sword- First item you get,go into the cave and the old man will give it to you.

White Sword- After you get two hearts, go to the cave towards the north.

Whistle- Used to make music and in the fifth dungeon use it against the boss.