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Majora's Mask: Item Guide


Kokiri Sword

The Kokiri Sword is the same sword you got first in Ocarina Of Time, you also get it first in Majora's Mask. This sword is the weakest of all swords but will not break.

Razor Sword

The razor sword is the second blade you get and is a good upgrade from the Kokiri Sword. It is double-bladded which means it has more damage on enemies. This sword break when you have swung it 100 times.

Gilded Sword

This sword is to be said the best sword in the whole game. The Gilded Sword is strong and unbreakable. Although to get the sword you must have the Razor Sword and also win the Goron races to get awarded with the Gold Dust for the smith to forge you the Gilded Sword.

Great Fairy's Sword

This sword is different from other swords you use it as a C-button item, therefor you cant combine it with the shield. The Great Fairy's Sword does ALOT of damage compared to other swords in the game. You can obtain the sword by collecting all the stray fairies in the Stone Tower Temple and returning the fairies to the Great Fairy.

Fierce Deity Blade

The Fierce Deity Balde can only be wielded by the Fierce Deity himself. Once Link puts on the Fierce Deity mask the sword Link has equipped will transform into the Fierce Deity Blade. If you have enough magic and Z-target the sword you can shoot beams of light from afar to strike an enemy.


Hero's Shield

This is the first shield in the game and is a very powerful shield. It is made out of steel, which means that it will not catch on fire and it will protect Link from most attacks. Nobody knows where Link got the Hero's Shield but he starts the game with it equipped.

Mirror Shield

This shield is lengendary throughout Termania because of the unique abilities it has. The shield will protect Link from attacks but it also deflects light and other magical attacks. You recieve this shield by completing the mini quest inside the Bottom of the Well in Ikana Canyon.

Dungeon Items

Dungeon Map

This is found in every dungeon and it is used to give an overview of the entire dungeon.

Dungeon Compass

This has the same importance as the map. The compass will put the location of every treasure chest,the boss and where you are.

Small Key

A small key is used to open regular doors in the dungeon you are in.

Boss Key

This key is used to open the bosses door.


Just like in everyother Zelda game you use the bomb to hurt enemies or blow up hidden doors.


A bombchu is found in shops. This bomb moves and it blows things up.

Deku Nut

A deku nut is used to stun enemies.

Deku Stick

Use the Deku Stick to carry fire.

Hero's Bow

A hero's bow fires arrows.
-Fire Arrow: used to melt ice and burn enemies.
-Ice Arrow: used to freeze enemies and stand on them.
-Light Arrow: used to destory enemies quickly and effective in the final battle.


Fire the hookshot to swing and hook onto things.

Lens of Truth

The lens of truth lets you see hidden objects.

Magic Beans

These are used to plant bean sprouts in soft soil. Usually a lack of water stops them from growing faster. Get a bottle of water and dump the water on it to resolve the problem.

Magic Jar

The Magic Jars replenish your magic meter. The small ones replenish your magic a little and the big ones replenish all of the magic meter.

Moon's Tear

This is a tear the moon drops. Take a look through the telescope outisde of Termina and you might see where it lands.


An ocarina plays song that help you throughout the game.

Pictograph Box

The pictograph box lets you take pictures.

Powder Keg

When your in goron form use the Powder Keg. The Powder Keg is basicly the same thing as a bomb.

Stray Fairy

This fairies are actually apart of the Great Fairy. Skull Kid has shattered the Great Fairies all thoughout Termina. You can collect these in all four of the dungeons. Collect them an bring them back to the Fairy Shrine nearby and get a reward!