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Majora's Mask: Masks

Transformation Masks

Deku Mask: This is the mask you use to start off the game with. With this mask you can use special Deku Flowers to fly around and attack enemies with bubbles after you get magic powder.

Goron Mask: Follow the ghost Goron, by using the Lens of Truth and , to the Goron alter then play the Song Of Healing. He will then give you the Goron Mask. As a Goron you will be able to roll into a ball and roll around. Also you get to use Fire-Punches. As a Goron you weigh alot so you are weak to water and heights.

Zora Mask: To get the Zora Mask you have to help the ill Zora at Great Bay to get to land. Then play the Song Of Healing and he will leave the Mask for you. As a Zora you can swim in water, walk on the bottom of a lake, have electric barriers surround him and use Zora fins to attack enemies. As a Zora you are weak to fire and ice.

Regular Masks

Great Fairy Mask: Return the lost fairy in Clocktown to Great Fairy Shrine in North Clock Town. This mask helps you get stray fairies in temples more easy because they are attracted to the mask.

Don Gero's Mask: Light every torche in Goron City, then destroy the barrels spinning around the chandelier. You will get a Sirlion Rock. Bring the rock to the Goron that is stuck on the ledge in Mountain Village he will give you this mask. The Don Gero's Mask allows you to talk to frogs all around termina.

Mask of Scents: Enter the tunnel that is left of Deku Palace and follow the Deku Butler all the way through(it is easier to wear the Bunny Hood). This mask lets you smell mushrooms that are nearby.

Bremen Mask: At the night of the Second or First day talk to the man at the Laundry Pool, he will then give you the mask for listening to him. This mask makes animals think you are there leader and they will follow you.

Bunny Hood: You get this mask by making all the sad man's chickens grow up faster by using the Bremen Mask. You will find the sad man at Romani Ranch. This mask increases Link's speed significantly.

Romani Mask: Finish Romani and Cremia's notebook assignments and you will be rewarded with the Romani Mask. This mask allows you to get access the th the Milk Bar in Clocktown at night.

Mask of Truth: This mask is just like the mask in Ocarina Of Time. It allows you to communicate to one-eyed stones and hear animals thoughts. Complete the first spider dungeon to get this mask.

Blast Mask: By getting this mask it allows you to blow up things without bombs. Be careful though if you dont use your shield and protect yourself you will lose life. To get this mask stop the thief in North Clocktown at midnight. Cut the bag off this back to stop him.

Kamaro's Mask: To get this mask play the Song Of Healing to the man who is dancing at the top of a mushroom shaped stone that is outside of Clock Town. This mask allows you to perform a mystical dance.

Garo's Mask: If you dont have this mask you can't enter Ikana Canyon. Get the mask by defeating the Gorman Bros. in the horse race through Milk Road.

Captain's Hat: Defeat the big skull in Ikana Graveyard and you will get this mask that allows you to talk to the undead.

Gibdo Mask: Go to the small village in Ikana Canyon,right before Stone Tower, and there is a house that looks like a big music box. Down in the basement of the house ther is a mummy. Play the Song Of Healing and he will give you the Gibdo's Mask. This mask masked the Gibdos think your one of them.

Stone Mask: You the Lens of Truth near the entrance of Ikana Canyon and you should see a circle of stones there. You will also see an invisible guard. Give the guard Red Potion and you get the Stone Mask. This mask lets you blend in with the background and be invisible to alot of enemies.

Circus Leader's Mask: Use this mask when you do Cermia's notebook assignment and there will be no enemies at all. Help out the Zora in the Milk Bar with his soundcheck by using various instruments that can be accessed with your transformation masks.

All Night Mask: By using this mask you will stay awake while listening to long stories and catch the point of the stories. If you do stop the thief in North Clock Town on the first day this mask will be on sale in the Curiosity Shop on the third day.

Giant's Mask: This mask turns Link into a huge giant. Unfortunately, it can only be used when you fight the boss of the Stone Tower Temple, Twinmold. You will get the mask by killing the Eyegore at the end of Stone Tower Temple.

Kafei's Mask: This mask is used in the notebook assignment and thats all. You get the mask by talking to the big lady in Mayor Dotour's house.

Keaton Mask: To get this mask complete Anju and Kafei's notebook assignment. This mask resembles the Keaton. Stand inside a circle-shaped area of bushed while wearing the mask, slash the bushed and summon the Keaton.

Postman's Hat: You will get the abiliy to open all the mailboxes in Clock Town. You have the complete Anju and Kafei's notebook assignment before you can get this mask.

Couple's Mask: Talk to Mayor Dotour while wearing this mask and find out what happens. This is the last mask you get for finishing Anju and Kafei's notebook assignment.

Fierce Deity Mask: Once you put this mask on you turn into Oni-Link, which in Japanese means Evil Link. This mask is only to be worn in boss fights. Get the mask by collecting all the masks and complete the mini-dungeons inside the moon.