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Oracle Of Ages: Boss Guide

Pumpkin Head

Immediatly when the battle starts attack the body with the sword; then use the Power Bracelet to pick up the head and throw it across the room. The ghost inside the pumpkin will run back over to the head; use the chance to slash the ghost. After a few hits this ghastly pumpkin will be gone.

Head Thwomp

Head Thwomp has four different colors: red, blue, green and violet. To kill him you must throw a bomb into the hole on the top of the head. Since the head is spinning you must make sure the bomb explodes when the face is red. If you happen to miss a throw he will do numerous attacks on you.

Shadow Hag

In the beginning she will release four moths at you;they are fairly easy to defeat. After they are defeated she will attack you from behind so position you self near and face font to a wall. When she is near you shoot a seed with the seed shooter at the wall your near so it bounces off and hits the witch. A few times of this should kill her.


This fight is really simple. Take out the four Patras surrounding the eye with the switch hook. Then when those are gone run up to the Eye and slash it with the sword.


Take out the Cane of Somaria to melt all the small clouds into Smog. What you have to do is slash Smog with the sword a zillion of times,literally.


This is what you have to do: slash him with the sword and avoid the attacks. Simple,huh?


The trick to this is that Plasmarine is impervious to normal weapons. Plasmarine changes colors from red to blue. Whatever color it is it will throw energy balls of those colors. To give him damage; switch places with him with the Switch Hook. Don't use the Switch Hook when Plasmarine electrifies himself.


There are many ways to defeat this guy;he will do many attacks. First when the hands seperate and go after you; slash it with the sword. When he wants to crush you with the hands put a bomb inbetween them. When ramrock puts on the mask shoot seeds at the wall so it will bounce back and hit the back of his head. Then, when he throws a Iron Sphere at you use your Power Braclelet to grab one and throw it at him.


Phase One: Ambi

Since Veran is in Ambi's body it wont help to attack directly so use the Mystery Seed in the Seed Shooter. Use the seed to make Veran leave Ambi's body; then use the switch hook to pull Ambi away. When done slash her with the sword.

Phase Two: Final Form

A Veran puts it this is her "true form". This is very simple just use the sword while avoiding the attacks.

Phase Three - Transformations

There are three different forms Veran will have. To defeat her you need to get in 50 hits with the sword.


To get her with the sword wait til' her head pokes out then slash.


This one is easy, just avoid the attacks and slash her when you get near her.


This on is quite more complicated. To give her damage first stun her with a perfectly timed bomb and when stunned slash her with the sword. After you defeated Veran you saved Hyrule once more!