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Oracle Of Seasons: Boss Guide


On his head the horn is flashing which means, that is his weak spot. Hit the horn with your sword. Keep doing this until he dies.


His attack is breathing fire at you. Also he attacks by chragin at you. When he opens his mouth to do the fire attack throw a bomb in the mouth. Now pick him up with the Power Bracelet and throw him into the spikes. Repeat this process until he dies.


Equpip Roc's Feather,so you can get around easy, and stay on the platforms in the middle. All you have to do to kill Mothula is use the sword and slash him. That is it but it is a hard fight considering all of his attacks and possibly fall down a pit.


Attack the pincer until it has fallen off. When Gohma rises it quickly use you shield to defend because Gohma is about to grab you. After you have destroyed the pincer go after the eye with the slingshot. Keep shooting at the eye until she dies.


You can see a spiked ball in the upper right corner of the room. What you do is attrack it with north polarity and repel it with south polarity. Use the magentic boots and make the ball hit Digdogger. At first its hard but you will get the hang of it. When you have hit it 4 times it will multiply into smaller creatures. Use the sword or spiked ball to kill them. After a few seconds they go back to the normal form. When every little creature is destroyed Digdogger is dead.


Kill the four heads with the boomerang(it only hurts when the mouth is open). When you kill one head it moves faster and faster. After you defeated the four heads now all to defeat if the green gel type thing. Attack the gel with the boomerang. Make sure to attack it with rapid fire to make a crytal appear. Slash the crystal with the sword to make Manhandla dead.


Slash at a head until it flys off. But thats not it, it goes back onto the body. So guess what? Use the sword to slash both of the heads at the same time so they both come off. When both heads have been detached the second part of the battle comes. A skelton comes and hits the ground hard stunning you. To avoid this jump when he hits the ground. He will come and charge at you now so move a bit out of the way and slash him with the sword. Continue that until he dies.


All you do is slash at him with the sword while watching out for his attacks. Use Roc's Cape to try to avoid the attacks.


Use sword spin attacks on him, the regular sword attack WON'T work. The pegasus seeds are a help for avoiding the attacks and getting to Onox. When you have done 7 spin attacks at him he will use Din in a crystal as a shield. All you do is knock Din aside using the Rod of Seasons and continue with the Spin attack. After 7 more hits he will be deafeated.. or we think so.

Dark Dragon

When he stomps his hand on the ground jump on the hand and then jump on his head and slash the red thing on his face. Keep doing this about 15 times or so until he dies.

Congradulations you beat the game!