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Oracle Of Seasons: Items and Equipment

Sword - As you know, this is your main weapon. You can slash an enemie, shoot beams, cut grass, etc.

Shield - This is also an important item in the Zelda games. It helps you protect youself from attacks.

Rod of Seasons - As you can tell this is used to change seasons.

Seed Satchel - In order to plant seeds, you need a seed satchel. It will allow you to hold seeds.

Boomerang - A boomerang allows you to kill and stun an enemy, as well as retrieve items from far away.

Power Bracelet - This handy item, allows you to lift and push heavy objects, when you have it equipped, that normal Link wouldn't be able to.

Roc's Feather - Roc's Feather is a handy item too, it allows you jump over gaps.

Seed Slingshot - Use this to shoot seeds as far away enemies and objects,

Magnetic Gloves - Use these to pull objects toward you or far away.

Shovel - This allows you to dig holes and find items under ground.

Bombs - These allow you to blow up cracked rocks and kill enemies.

Flute - Play the flute when you need a friend to help you, but sometimes a friend wont come if your too far away.

Zora's Flippers - These flippers will allow you to swim in water.

Dungeon items

Treasure Chest - A treasure chest will contain either rupees, items, etc. Treasure Chests can be found in dungeons.

Dungeon Map - This is a map that shows the layout of the dungeon.

Compass - This allows you to find treasure chests and where the boss is located.

Dungeon Keys - These are the keys that let you open doors in dungeons.


Ember Seeds - Use these to make fires.

Mystery Seeds - When you use these a number of things can happen.

Scent Seeds - Use these to distract enemies inorder to kill them.

Pegasus Seeds - These seeds make you move faster than normal.

Gale Seeds - When you use these seeds they can make you go to a Mystical Tree you have found or use them to blow an enemy away.

Other Items

Magic Rings - Collect these and get other special powers.

Heart Container - These are a full heart, you can get these from bosses or collecting heart pieces.

Piece of Heart - Find these to eventually get a full heart.

Magic Potion - Use these to replenish you life after you died.

Jewels - When all 4 jewels is found 'something' will happen.

Cuccodex - This book contains everything about Cuccos.

The Essences of Nature - You need these to defeat Onox.