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Past Updates: January 2007

Wednesday, January 31,2007 by EZLO21
- ALTTP on your Nintendo Wii's Virtual Console
Nayru forgot to tell you all that A Link to the Past has come to every Nintendo Wii Virtual Console near you on Monday January 22,2007.That is sorta my fault for not letting her know cause i am working on a Super Smash Bros Brawl site that i will let everyone in on once i have half of the site up and have alot of info about this new Wii game.I will give another update about it on Zelda 101 once we hear and see more about Super Smash Bros. Brawl.Have fun and keep visiting TSP until then.

Monday, January 29,2007 by Nayru
- Lack of Updates >.<
I am very sorry for the lack of updates in the past week. I have an expanation. One, my computer has been very wonky lately. It has been x-ing me out of things when I didn't X out. Two, I also have been swamped with school things, like tests, finals, etc. Finally, there has been NO news! Or atleast news that relates to Zelda. I really wish I could update alot more than I do but if there is no news what is there to update? Other than I am thinking of fixing up a few things around the site. Which, I will never get to because I procrastinate WAY too much. Alright, I only did this post so everyone would know yes The Shadow Palace is still alive.

Sunday, January 21,2007 by Nayru
- New affiliate: Subrosian Secrets
I fell like the affiliation requests are just piling in this month. Alright, onto our new affiliate. Everyone please welcome, Subrosian Secrets. It is a fairly new Zelda site, that is run by a very nice webmaster. Make sure you check the site out.

Tuesday, January 16,2007 by Nayru
- New affiliate: Forsaken Legend
Yes, we have a new affiliate. Please welcome Forsaken Legend to the bunch. It is a new and upcoming Zelda site, with great potential. Make sure you check it out on the affiliate menu. That is it for now.

Sunday, January 14,2007 by Nayru
- Best of 2006
Yeah, this is probably old but I wanted to mention that IGN's best of 2006 awards are out. Twilight Princess got alot of recognition. Including best story, use of sound, original score, adventure, and biggest surprise. For the rest you can click on the link above.

Thursday, January 11,2007 by Nayru
- New affiliate: Wiitendo
You have a new affiliate, Wiitendo. It is a fairly new site but that doesn't mean you can't visit it! Make sure you visit it!

Wednesday, January 10,2007 by Nayru
- TP update, again!
- Fan-made Zelda video
Alrighty, I am at the Goron Mines boss, but I would have already beaten it if SOMEONE(my little brother), wouldn't have accidentally reseted the game. I had to go all the way through the dungeon AGAIN. I was just about to give up. It made me really mad and sad.
Also, I was on Nintendo Forums at the Twilight Princess discussion, and I found a thread about a fan-made Zelda video. I would like to warn you if you dont already have the game and dont want spoilers, DONT VIEW THIS VIDEO. Also, I did NOT make this video it was by another fan.

Friday, January 5,2007 by Nayru
- Twilight Princess update
Well, I'm not that far in Twilight Princess but I can tell you, it is by far one of the best Zelda games so far. I'm not quite sure yet if it surpasses Ocarina of Time. Surely a much more vast land to travel than OOT. Alright, I would LOVE to tell you more but I don't want to spoil it for those who haven't play it yet. That is it for now.

Monday, January 1,2007 by Nayru
- Happy New Year!
Happy New Year to everyone. I can't believe we made it throught 06. Well, we now have a fresh start this year. I great year and a safe one too.

Monday, January 1,2007 by EZLO21
- Happy New Year!!
- Twilight Princess
Well i am over 50 hours in Twilight princess and i must say it will remind you alot of Ocarina of Time.Spoiler Warnings: It has Skull Kid and the song for the Sacred Grove is belive it or not a remake of Saria's Song from Ocarina of Time.The beginning of Twilight Princess's Temple of Time will also remind you of Ocarina of time's Temple of Time a little bit.

Well we have a New Year at last.I hope everyone has a fun and safe new year.