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Past Updates: October 2004

10/31/04 By:Jazzy at 11:37 pm
Well I got back from trick or treating hours ago. But I had time to add some more pages. I added a Other stuff page which had some info on the legend of zelda. Well Bye!

10/31/04 By:Jazzy at 5:12 pm
Today is halloween.YEAH! Today I just added a chatroom thanks to the webmaster of Zelda 101. Thats about it because I will be going trick or treating soon. I will be very cold because its cold outside-__- Totally dead!

10/30/04 By:Jazzy at 8:32 pm
I said on halloween i was going to be a pimp but now im going to be a punk rocker. Also I added lots of new games to the other games section. A real long time ago i said i was going to add a metroid section but now today I will be startAlso I just added the metroid section.ing the section. Well bye!

10/26/04 By:Jazzy at 10:11 pm
Before I left to my grandmas on friday I added a free host and goodies page.I will add more stuff to the WW Page.

10/21/04 By:Jazzy at 4:33 pm
Ok I added a Up-coming release section and a shout box.I'm in a happy mood right now and I want to start the Wind Waker Section.On Saturday im seeing The Grudge with my family and i will be awesome.Also I will be leaving tomarrow because im going to see my grandma up north.So dont expect an update over the weekend because my grandma doesnt have a computer -_-I will be very bored.

10/20/04 By:Jazzy at 10:32 pm
Well im kinda getting behind in school work because of running this site and I have a really big project due Nov. 4 and that is a really short time considering what projest it is and I wont be updating for a while so you know.I will really miss updating this site so please check out the forums because ill drop in on time to time.

10/16/04 By:Jazzy at 1:32 pm
I have changed the layout a bit.If there are any Ring fans then there is a teaser trailer for The Ring 2 .You can find this trailer at The Ring 2 Trailer After the flash info thing there should be a circle thing in the left corner and click on it and it will have the trailer. Tell me what you think of the layout on the forums.This is Jazzy signin off.

10/13/04 By:Jazzy at 7:33 pm
Ok as you may know Halloween is October 31st.And I'm giving you a link to a site that has The 50 Worst Halloween Costumes That site wasn't done by me and I give credit the person who made the site.But did you see Mario dressed as a hamburger!LOL!I'm going to be a lady PIMP for halloween atlest thats what I want to be.-_-Ok to get on topic I will start the WindWaker page today but only for a half and hour because The Presidential Debate is tonight at 8:00 pm on channel 4 or 5(I think)So have a good night and and update tomarrow!
- Jazzy

10/06/04 By:Jazzy at 10:27 pm
As you saw my i splash page is changed.Also I added a Updates banner up there.Well I might start the Wind waker page today if i have time.Well please join the forums.I'm begging on my knees.This is Jazzy sigin off!

10/05/04 By:Jazzy at 9:40 pm
I Will be adding more stuff to this site through out the week. Also school homework is effecting my site updates though. So people please join the forums.Ihave a new admin at the forums.The webmaster of Zelda 101 is the new admin at the forums.Well I hope to get a site domain soon!Also I will probly start the Wind waker section soon because I dont feel like adding a boss guide to the OOS section.But I will add it.This is jazzy signin off!

10/02/04 By:Jazy at 2:21 p.m.
I Have finished converted the pages into this layout and im so happy! I will be starting were i left off on the game pages stuff.