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The Minish Cap: Boss Guide

Giant Green Chu Chu

Equip the sword and gust jar to suck away the jelly.Once most of the jelly has been sucked away the Chu Chu will basicly flop over.When he topples over get out of the way or you'll be squished.Now use your sword to slash him.Repeats this process 3 times.


This boss attacks in a rotating circle shooting flames at you.run the opposite way he is attacking and when you get a shot of his hard shell then shoot him with a blast of you Cane of Pacci.Then Gleerok will fall over and then you can run across him and slash him with the sword.Repeat this process until dead.


Before you enter the boss room equipt the bow and arrows and the sword.Kill one of the hands that are attacking you with the arrows.When the hand lands on the floor jump on the Minish Pad behind Mazaal.Climb into the hand you just destroyed.One of the pillars that is flashing attack.Then you will have been shook out of the hand.Repeat this process.

Big Blue Chu Chu

Do what you did to the Giant Green Chu Chu.But this one is a bit harder than the 1st boss.


Wake Oktorok up.When he is woken up use your shield to reflect the rocks being shot at you.Do this process 3 times then he will freeze.To get around Ocktorok use the Pegasus Boots and attack him with the flame lantern.See the flowers on the back thats where you set him on fire.Do this process 3 times and you have killed him.

Gyorg Pair

You begin the fight on the blue gyorg.Slash at the blue Gyorg's eye and then hit the tail with Roc's Cape.After that the Blue Gyorg hovers over the red one.Slash the eyes and they will disappear.Now jump on the Blue Gyorg and repeat the process.After that you will have killed them.

Vaati Reborn

To kill this form what you do is defeat the eyes that are floating around him.Two hits for one and they are done for.After defeating the small eyes the huge eye on Vaati will open up.When that happens hurry and run to it to slash it.Soon it closes it and has more little floating eyes out.You know what to do repeat the process.If you're not fast enought Vaati will shoot fire balls at you.Know the eye has a shield around it.So use the gust jar to suck it up.Attack Vaati and repeat the process.

Vaati Transfigured

Equip the arrows and shoot Vaati's eyes.Once four are red you assume the pattern on the Four Swords panel and attack those eyes.Once the rest of the eyes fall off you can attack the main eye in the center of Vaati.This form makes beams of energy,makes the ceiling collapse on you,and makes purple blocks appear.

Vaati's Wrath

Attack Vaati's hands.Once one pops up use the Cane of Pacci to make it still.Transform into your minish size and go inside him.Now find the one eyeball that looks different.The eyeball is not looking outward.Attack that one and you'll be taken out.Repeat this process and this tiem you need the Flame Lantern because it will be really dark.Now when done now you can move into the final stage.Use the four swords panel on the floor ro become four Links.Use the sword to reflect the blasts of energy back to Vaati.Then attack Vaati.Repeat the process a couple times and he will be dead.

Congradulations You beat the game!!