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The Minish Cap: Item Guide

Major Items

Sword: The sword is usually used to hurt enemies and to cut bushes, the grass, pots, etc. You can learn different techniques from the Blade Brothers.

Shield: Princess Zelda gives you the shield.The shield is used to block enemie attacks.You can upgrade the shield.

Gust Jar: The gust jar lets you suck up sand, pots, enemies, etc.Also used to propel your self when on a lilypad.

Flame Lantern: Used to light dark areas and burn enemies.

Bombs: Bombs are used to hurt enemies, hit switchs, break cracks in the walls, etc. There are also Remote Bombs which lets you make the bomb go off at the time you want it to.

Boomerang: The boomerang is used to paralyze some enemies and hit switchs.
Magic Boomerang: A better boomerang that you can control where its going. Only accessable through the kinstone fusions with four Tingles.

Cane of Pacci: This item shoots a beam and is used to flip over things such as mine carts, plat forms, etc.

Pegasus Boots: The Pegasus Boots let you go fast or dash. When you dash you can use the Dash Attack.

Bow: This,obviously, shoots arrows. With it the arrows can hit switches and hurt enemies. There is a way you can upgrade the arrows to Light Arrows.

Mole Mitts: The Mole Mitts are used to dig through sand, open caves, and dig holes.

Ocarina Of Winds: This is used to transport to Wind Crests that have been activated.

Roc's Cape: This can make you jump and use the Down Thrust.

Bottle Items: The bottle holds lots of items such as water, Crenel Spring Water, Lon Lon Milk, Blue Potion, Red Potion,Fairies,Food and Charms.

Used to make plants grow and can put out fire.
-Lon Lon Milk

Used to replenish health and can be used twice.
-Lon Lon Butter

Was taken out of the game for unknown reasons and can only be accessable through GameShark.
-Blue Potion

Restores some health. Its sold for 60 rupees.
-Red Potion

Restores all of your health. Its sold for 150 rupees.
-Farore's Charm

Boosts your attack and defense temporarily.
-Din's Charm

Boosts your attack temporarily.
-Nayru's Charm

Boosts your defense temporarily.

Flippers: Used to swim in water.

Light Arrows: Arrows used with the bow that have a "sacred light". Only accessable through a kinstone fusion BEFORE you have beaten the Wind Temple.


Earth Element: Used to restore the Four Sword.

Fire Element: Used to restore the Four Sword.

Water Element: Used to restore the Four Sword.

Wind Element: Used to restore the Four Sword.

Other Things

Jabber Nut: Lets you understand Minish language.

Kinstone Bag: Lets you hold Kinstone pieces and lets you fuse them.

Waker Up Mushroom: Lets you wake up heavy sleepers with the mushrooms horrid smell.

Lets you have the power to move strong objects.

Used to climb the walls of Mt. Crenel. You can buy it from a Deku Business Scrub on the mountain for 40 rupees.

Map of Hyrule- This you get at the beginning of the game. It is used to know where you are in Hyrule.


Cake: You buy this for 60 rupees at the Hyrule Bakery. You might find a kinstone piece inside.

Pie: You buy this for 40 rupees at the Hyrule Bakery. You might find a kinstone piece inside.

Croissant: You buy this for 20 rupees at the Hyrule Bakery. You might find a kinstone piece inside.