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The Legend Of Zelda: Twilight Princess Boss Guide

Twilit Parasite - Diababa

This boss is the first boss of the game. The battle will start out with two small deku buds. L-target one of the buds with the Gale boomerang, but before you release the boomerang, also target one of the bomb bugs.. Let go now. You will have defeated one of the buds. Now, the other one still stands. Do the same thing to the other one, by L-targeting a bud and a bomb. Now to the real fun. The boss will appear. You have to wait for a the monkey you got the Gale boomerang from to appear. Do what you did with the two deku buds but instead target the bomb to the boss. Once you have done that efficently, the boss's head will fall to the ground revealing a eye on a tongue. Attack the eye with the sword. Do this a few times to beat the boss.

Twilit Igniter - Fyrus

There is a shiny gem like thing on the bosses forehead. Well use your new arrows, to hit the gem. Now, once you have done that, go near the chains that are one his feet. Eguip your Iron Boots and pull the chain. He will then fall to the ground. Quickly run over to the head and take out your sword to slash it. Repeat this process until it is revealed that he is Patriarch Darbus.

Twilit Aquatic - Morpheel

As you enter this fight I must tell you to please stay as far away from the boss as you can, while still staying the Clawshot range. The reason for this to prevent you from lossing alot of life. Now, grab out your clawshot and grapple the eye out of the tentacle. Take out your sword and slash the eye. After awhile after you have hacked up the eye, the boss will show its full form. A recommend you to swim off to the side or behind the head. Once in clawshot range, clawshot the eye, and once your near the eye take out the sword and slash the heck out of the eye. Repeat this process until dead.

Twilit Fossil - Stallord

So when the battle begins, take out your spinner and go around the arena. Then when you hear or see spikey things coming after you bounce off the spinner towars Stallord's spine. Repeat this process three times, until... nope he isn't dead yet. Now, start spinning around the center column. When the spiked things come at you, bounce to the outer wall and then go back to the wall you were just on. Once you have become high enough on the inner wall the head will appear and start shooting fireballs at you. You don't have to worry as long as you jump between the inner and outer wall. After you have missed his attacks a few times, he will then come right near you shooting fireballs. Quickly, bounce into him with the spinner. He will then drop to the ground. Now slash at time several times with your sword. Repeat this process a few times until he is dead.

Twilight Ice Mass - Blizzeta

When Blizzeta is gliding around the room, equip your Ball and Chain, and hit her. She will then shrink with every hit. When she is in normal form she will then have some ice statues. Hit them with your Ball and Chain again. After a couple round of that, Blizzeta will then surround herself with spikes and hover above you. Look at the surface of the ground the determine where a spike will come from. Once she has done a circle of spikes, and comes down hit her with your Ball and Chain. Repeat this process until dead.

Twilight Arachnid - Armoghoma

Who does this remind you of? Armoghoma will fire lasers from her eye, which you can avoid by running zig zag and drop little baby spiders. Hit her eye with an arrow when it is open and she will fall to the ground. Now, run to the statue that is closest to where the spider fell and summon it to life to smash Armoghoma. After about three round of this, the spider will be gone with only the eye, which can be killed by slashing it with the sword.

Twilight Dragon - Argorok

Phase One Once you have made it to the boss, equip your clawshots. When the dragon swoops down, use your clawshot to grapple onto the tail. Then equip the iron boots to ground the boss and destroy it's armor. After you have done this about 3 or 4 times, the second phase appears.
Phase Two Since now the armor is gone a jewel will be revealed on the back. Some flying plants will appear in a circle above you, use your clawshots to grapple yourseld on pillars till the plants come in range. Now, Argorok will come towards you with flames, grapple from plant to plant to avoid. When the fire dies down on Argorok, grapple for its back. Now, aim for the jewel on the back and slash away. The dragon will then fall to the ground allowing you to slash once more at it. Repeat this process until dead.

Usurper King - Zant

There are six stages. If you see a light ball coming towards you just ignore it.

Stage One:
Equip the Gale boomerang and use it to bring Zant close to you, then slash him when close enough.

Stage Two:
Use your Iron boots when Zant tries to knock you off into the lava. When he stops to catch a breath just slash him with the sword.

Stage Three:
Equip the Clawshot, Iron boots and Zora armor. Zant will now appear from a helmet type-thing, which he will then start firing at you. Try to avoid the shots and take out the clawshot and pull Zant towards you. Then, attack him with the sword.

Stage Four:
Zant will now, jump on the baboon poles. Just roll into the poles to knock him off, then hit him with the sword.

Stage Five:
In this stage you NEED to watch out for Zant's reflection in the ice. When he comes down, equip your ball and chain and hit him with it. He will then shrink up and run around, find him and slash him.

Stage Six:
This is the final stage. At the beginning of this stage, you should be able to get a few sword slashes in when he is flailing around like a maniac. Then, he will start spinning. Use your shield to defend yourself. Eventually Zant will get very dizzy and here is your turn to hit him with the sword. Now, he will then charge at you. Again use your shield to defend yourself. You should be able to get a few slashes in when he is off guard.

Ganons Puppet - Zelda

Princess Zelda will hover around you. She is made of three attacks: the first one is a sword attack, in which she will dive and hit you with the sword. Which can be avoided by dodging or using your shield. The second one is a triforce that appears on the ground, which can easily be avoided by rolling away from it. Then the third attack is when Zelda will shoot some type of ball at Link, which you reflect back at her with the sword. Which in return will damage her. Do this three times and she's done for.

Dark Beast - Ganon

Note: If Ganon does his jumping attack, he will then jump into a portal. Look around for the blue one, that is the one he will come out of.

Phase One:
After Ganon has come out of one of the portals, take out your bow and arrow and shoot the crystal on his head. Ganon will the slide. Either move out of the way or take out your shield. Now take out your sword and slash his stomach. After a couple times of this, phase two begins.

Phase Two:
Arrows wont work in this phase, so turn into Wolf Link. Line up with the right portal and when Ganon gets close press A to attack him and throw him to the side with the joy stick. Now, turn into human form and use your sword to again, slash his stomach. Repeat this to win this part of the battle.

Dark Lord - Ganondorf

Phase One:
This should be fairly easy for you, your on horseback now. Get close to Ganon and Z-target him, but remember to be in close enough range so Zelda fan efficently hit him with the arrow. After Zelda hit him with the arrow, go close to Ganon and slash him with the sword. Repeat this process until you move onto phase two. Be sure not to use up all the Epona Spurs at once, use them when you think it is right.

Phase Two:
There are two keys to winning this fight. Be sure to look for a opening in Ganon's defense and also, keep your defense up at ALL times. Alright, so z-target Ganon and move around in a clockwise manor to not get hit by his attacks. After you have hit Ganon enough with sword attacks, it wil lthen knock him to the ground. Use the ending blow to finish this sucker off.