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Twilight Princess: Items and Equipment


Lantern and Lantern Oil
You get this from salesman Coro, the lantern lights dark places, burns barriers(spiderwebs), gets rid of poisenous fog. And as usual, used to light torches. The lantern oil is used to keep the lantern burning. A tip would be to not keep lantern out when not needed.

Gale Boomerang
You find this in the Forest Temple. This boomerang is like the original but it has a twist, it creates mini tornadoes. You can also target as many as 5 objects at once.

Iron Boots
These are used to drop to the bottom of a lake area or stick to magnetized surfaces.

Hero's Bow
This is used to defeat enemies and slice ropes from a distance. It can hold 30 quivers, or when upgraded 60 or 100. A tip would be to add bombs with arrows and you can have bomb arrows.

This acts as a telescope when used by self, or if you combine it with the Hero's Bow it will be an enhanced telescope.

Clawshot and Double Clawshots
This is similar to the hookshot. You can cross gaps, climb tall structures, get objects. The double clawshots allows you to hang from one spot while you grapple to another.

This nifty item is used to float over dangerous surfaces(quicksand), ride on tracks, and activate some mechanisms. It also can stun some enemies.

Ball and Chain
Used to knock out big obsticles like, like walls, and big enemies.

Dominion Rod
This is used for bringing life to certain objects, when life brought, it will follow you around.

As usual, used for breaking cracked walls, floors, and boulders. Can also be used for defeating several foes at once.

Bomb Bag
Used to carry bombs.

Water Bombs
These are the kind of bombs that work well underwater.

This is like a regular bomb but it will skitter around then explode.

Fishing Rod
Used to catch a fish. If you catch a fish it will trigger events and be added to your fishing journal.

Bee Larva
This can be used to replenish hearts, as well as fishing bait.

These are easy to find as Wolf Link, due to his kean sense. Use the worm to catch a fish.

Coral Earring
You collect this on your way to Snowspeak Ruins. This is used to collect red Reekfish.

Horse Call
Simply used to call Epona whenever outside. You get this about three fourth of the way through the game, after you help Ilia regain memory.

Rupees and Wallets
Rupees are as always used to buy items. Each provinence has it's own rupee color. The wallet is used to carry the rupees. Upgrade the wallet to hold more rupees.

Health Items

Heart Container
Five pieces of heart are used to make a full heart container. You get a full heart container for every boss you beat.

Heart Piece
These can be found all throughout Hyrule, in chests, people give them to you, etc. They're scattered all throughout Hyrule.

When you have no life left and die, a fairy will pop up and give you life back. Or you may use the fairy when you wish.

Chu Jellies
There are a couple different Chu Jellies. The red one replenishes health, yellow can be used as lantern oil and the purple causes a random effect. If you get a rare one can give full health and temperarly increase attack power.

Fairy Tears
These are used to fill hearts and increase attack power temporarily.

Dungeon Items

As always keys are used to unlock doors. There are small keys,most common kind, a big key,opens boss door, or a bedroom key, as called in Snowpeak Ruins.

Map and Compass
Maps are used to show you the whole dungeon, green rooms are the ones you have already visited. A compass is used to locate items in a dungeon.

Ooccoo and Ooccoo Jr.
This wanders around dungeons. If you find her and use Ooccoo Jr. to warp out of the dungeon while the Ooccoo stays in the same spot. When ready to return use Ooccoo Jr. to warp back to the room you warped from.


These are delivered to tell you about events in Hyrule.

Auru's Memo
Used to convince cannon operator Fyer to open up the desert.

Ashei's Sketch
You show this to Prince Rallis and get the Coral Earing.

Reando's Letter
A piece of puzzle to revive Ilia's memory.

Another piece of puzzle relating to Ilia's memory.


Wooden Sword
Used for training and on a mission to save a village child. You end up giving the sword to the kid you rescue.

Ordon Sword
Your first sword that will get you through the first three dungeons.

Master Sword
Your second sword, that is needed to enter the Temple of Time.

Light Sword
A relativly new sword to the Zelda games. After you liberate two sols from the Palace of Twilight you get this.

Ordon Shield
Your first shield you get. You have to be careful around fire because if the shield hits fire it burns up.

Wooden Shield
It's the same as the Ordon shield but it replaces it when the other shield goes up in flames.

Hylian Shield
This shield gives you strong protection against enemies and will not burn up. A must buy.

Hero's Clothes
These are the green clothes you get from Faron. They identify you as Link, Hero of Time.

Zora Armor
This will allow you to swim freely and breathe under water. A must need for the Lakebed Temple.

Magic Armor
Allows you to be invincible as long as you have rupees, they diminish when you wear the armor.


Empty Bottles
This is used to store fairies, potions,etc.

This will replenish three hearts. Your also allowed to hold two milk potions per bottle.

Red Potion
Replenished eight hearts. Unlike the fairy, you will have to use this before you die.

Blue Potion
A great potion for boss fights. It replenishes all hearts.

Water/Hot Springwater
Use the water to grow Pumpkins instantly. The Springwater, however, has healing powers, IF you drink it within a few minutes of getting it.

Yeto's Soup
The regular soup you get from Yeto will replenish two hearts. However, add a pumpkin to regain four hearts. Even better, if you add goat cheese, it will replenish eight hearts.

Quest Items

Fused Shadows
These hold a special importance to Midna. They will help her fight the forces of evil. You will recive them in the first three dungeons.

Shadow Crystal
Midna uses this to transform you from canine to human.

Mirror Shards
These pieces are important to restoring Hyrule to it's natural roots. You will find them in four special places.

Wooden Figure
This is something you end up trading for different items. It helps restore Ilia's memory.

Ilia's Charm
This is the item you barter to revive Ilia's memory.