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Princess Zelda:
Princess Zelda is a dark sheikah and the Protecter of the Triforce, also the Princess of Hyrule. She owns one peice of the Triforce, which is Nayru's Wisdom. So many people seek of the Triforce's power and kidnappes Princess Zelda to steal the power, Ganon in particular does.
We all know Link as the Hero of Time and protector of Hyrule, and also saves Princess Zelda,alot. Link has the Piece of the Triforce Which is Farore's Courage.Link's job is to protect the Triforce and Protect Princess Zelda. Which is a long journey, if Princess Zelda get's kidnapped, from land to land, whether your on a boat or a horse.
Nayru is the Goddess of Love and Wisdom. She also, gave spirit of law to the world . Nayru is the Oracle of Ages and in Oracle Of Ages, Nayru is possessed by Veran.Veran wants her power to bring the time back to the old ages. Nayru was smart enough to hide her Harp of ages in the secret room in her house prevent anything to happen in the old ages to change the new ages.So Link, has to get the Harp of ages to get the 8 esscences of time of defeat Veran.
Din is the Goddess of Power and fire. Din is the Oracle of Seasons and posesess the Rod Of Seasons. She also cultivated the Earth with her goddess powers and brought life to people.
Farore is The Oracle of Secrets,the goddess of Courage,and possesses the Book of Mudora.Which is a very old book the unlocks secrets in the Zelda world. She also created all life forms that would uphold the law.
Sheik is a dark sheikah. As you may know Sheik is Princess Zelda when older and disguise's her self. She helps Link throughout Ocarina of Time, when Link is older.
Saria shows up in Ocarina of time. Saria is a Kokiri, so she is bound to the forest and not able to leave it. She is the Forest sage, one of the main keys to defeating Ganon. She does help Link a little in Ocarina of Time.
Impa is one of the last sheikah and also Zelda's nursemaid. In Ocarina of Time Impa tries to protect Zelda from Ganondorf.
Ganon is a male Gerudo which is very rare in the Gerudo race, it only happens every 100 years. Ganon is the the final boss in most of the Zelda games. He possess the Triforce of power and kidnappes Zelda, alot.
If you've played Ocarina od Time, you know Malon. The ever so loving, red head, that works on the farm. She is the one you get Epona from in Ocarina of Time, and also sells you milk at Hyrule Town.
Ezlo, is how do you say it, a hat. A talking one too. In The Minish Cap, he is your source of everything to know. whether it's the obvious or something you didn't notice. Ezlo is a major key in getting through The Minish Cap.
Princess Ruto:
Princess Ruto is from the Zora tribe. She is the daughter of the Zora King, as well as a major key in Ocarina of Time. She is the Water Sage, something used to defeat Ganon. Ruto also holds in possession the Zora Sapphire.
We all know Navi. The ever so loving fairy that assists, or I like to say annoys Link, on his journey. Navi is the fairy that was appointed to Link by the Great Deku Tree to assist him on the journey in Ocarina of Time.
Darunia is the leader of the Goron race and lives in Goron City. He is also the Fire sage and the Goron race has the Goron Ruby.