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Ocarina Of Time: Boss Guide

Parasitic Armored Arachnid - Queen Gohma
To kill Gohma use the fairy sling shot and when the eye turns red shoot it. When Gohma falls down slash her with the sword. It takes 10 hits with the sword to kill her.

Infernal Dinosaur - King Dodongo
King Dodongo is really big.. I mean HUGE. This boss is actually really easy. Watch out for him because he rolls around in a ball and if you give him anough time he breathes out fire. All you have to do is throw a bomb in his mouth when he breathes out fire. The bomb in the mouth only stuns him. Now go to him and slash him away with the sword. A few hits later he finally dies. ( Note: IF you have run out of bombs there are bomb flowers in the corner.)

Bio-electrical Anemone - Barinade
Use your boomerang to detach the wires connecting to the ceiling. When all the wires are gone use the boomerang to destroy the jellyfish protecting him. Now the center has been revealed. Use the boomerang again to hit it when you have a clear shot. Now use your sword and slash it a bunch times when he has been stunned.Repeat this until he is dead.

Evil Spirit From Beyond - Phantom Ganon
Take out the boomerang and stand in the center of the room. Now look around the room for Ganon riding his horse. Right before Ganon pops out there is a purple light surrounding him. This is now the time to attack, shoot him with the fairy bow when the purple light is around him. Now he will retreat back to the painting to start again.(P.S. If you dont have any arrows then use the hookshot.) After a couple times of doing that he will fall off the horse and you are going to fight man-to-man. When he throws a light beam at you hit it back with the sword. Now he will hit it back to you, then hit it back to him,etc. This keeps going on until you or him miss. When it hits him quickly run to him and slash him with the sword. Keep doing this until he dies.

Subterranean Lava Dragon - Volvagia
This boss uses three types of actions. (1) He goes out of the hole and basicly chases you around the arena. All you have to do is Z- target and he will go back in the hole. (2) Goes near the ceiling and the rocks fall down. To avoid this make sure you dont see shadows where you are standing and you wont get hurt. (3) He pokes his head out of the hole. This is when you attack. Use the Megaton Hammer to hit him and slash him with the sword.

Giant Aquatic Amoeba - Morpha
This is the final boss of the water temple. To start this fight with him jump into the water and climb on a platform. He's a big water tentacle type thingy with tiny nucleus inside him. Stay on the sides of the room and Z-target the nucleus. Pull out the nucleus on the land with the long shot. Now he'll bounce on the ground like a fish out of water. Attack him with the sword(Biggoron sword possibly) while Morpha is on the land. Soon he jumps back in the water and repeat the process.

Phantom Shadow Beast -- Bongo Bongo
Use the lens of truth at all times during the fight. Z-target the hand and hit him with a arrow. This causes Bongo Bongo to be stunned. Now target the red eye that appear and shoot it with an arrow. The head will be knocked down now for a few seconds. Run over to the head and slash it as many times as you can with the sword. Now keep repeating this process until he dies. If you have runned out of arrows the longshot can he used insted.

Sorceress Sisters - Twinrova
There are two phases in this battle. The first phase is that there are two witches which one with fire power and one with ice power. They both take turns attacking you. To defeat this form use the Mirror Shield and deflect that power to the opposite witch(fire to ice, ice to fire). After you have hit them a few times they will form into Twinrova. Use your Mirror Shield to absorb three shots of the same kind. The power will then shoot out of the shield back at Twinrova. When Twinrova has fallen down to the ground slash her with the sword. Continue this until the end.

Great King of Evil - Ganondorf
Use your hover boots to get to the corner of the room and he will be hovering over the middle platform. What you have to do is use your light arrows and hit him with them, when you hit him he will fall down then use the longshot and hurry up to get over there and slash him with the sword. Repeat this process until he goes to the ground and vomits blood and uses his last power to destory the entire castle. Better hurry up 3:00 minutes to escape.

After the castle has collapsed you will hear a sound, go and check out what it is. Now from under the rubble appears Ganondorf. In the flash of light he transformed into Ganon. He gets rid of the master sword and tosses it to the ground. The arena sides are covered with fire. Use the Biggoron sword insted of the master sword. If you dont have a Biggoron sword use the Megaton Hammer. To defeat him Z target his head and throw a light arrow at him. He will become stunned for a moment there. When he is stunned run behind him and hit the tail with the Biggoron Sword or the Megaton hammer. After a few hits of that the fire will go away and Zelda yells for you to get the master sword. Go get it. Now equip the master sword and continue this process. Zelda will try to stop him with the power as being a sage. Deliver the final blow and enjoy the ending.

Congrats... You beat the game!