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Past Layouts

Here is a archive of my past layouts that The Shadow Palace has had.

Layout #1
Used from: 12/19/04-1/14/05,
This layout was a generally nice layout for the first layout on hostultra!My IFrames were kinda messed up and the black was to over-used.The reason I picked this layout was because it had black and purple which represented the shadowness of The Shadow Palace.

Layout #2
Used from: 1/14/05-2/7/05,
I liked this layout alot!The gold is really a powerful color because it brought out the greatness of this layout.I still used Iframes which I love!I got inspired by The Legend's gold layout and EDN's layout so this came in mind!

Layout #3
Used from: 2/7/05-2/9/05,
This layout again used iframes.I didnt really like this layout so I changed the layout real quick.I think this might not be my best layout I made but it is getting there!

Layout #4
Used from: 2/9/05-3/07/05,
This layout was a free layout I found.It was the first layout I used with php.The layout simply had blue on it and was a really neat layout!

Layout #5
Used from: 3/07/05-3/13/05,
This layout was grey.Which was a bold choice because how many sites do you see that is grey?Not many.I had a recent obsession over the color so I was like why not use grey?I really like this layout.

Layout #6
Used from: 3/13/05 - 5/07/05
This is the version 6. I actually liked this layout that is why it was up for awhile. The brown and orange scheme really worked. The layout was probably my second favorite one I did.

Layout #7
Used from: 5/07/05 - 5/19/05
Welcome to layout 7. I wanted to try the Iframe version 2 but insted it didnt really work. This is not one of my favorites. I downloaded brushes from somewhere(not sure) and I used the brushes and this is what came out. My favorite part was the brushes.

Layout #8.5
Used from: 5/19/05 - 7/07/05
This was a new approach for a layout. The side and main menus were a very nice touch to a layout. The color was very smoothing and bland. I tryed to go for a ALTTP scenario but I think I might have worked, I'm not sure. The banner had the ALTTP Link and a boss from ALTTP. I believe this was a very smoothing layout, so that was my favorite part of the layout.

Layout #9.0
Used from: 7/07/05 - 12/10/05
This layout was a new generation of The Shadow Palace. After awhile of trying to deal with the last layout I finally had the time to make a new one. This version introduced the topsites box and the quick links box(they're friends...). This also introduced my newly required graphics skills! I intended the layout to be blue then I decided that this green color will be our offical color. This layout was one of the favorites among the fans and it will be missed!

Layout #10.0
Used from: 12/10/05 - 7/12/06
This layout was a very blue layout. My inspiration for this layout was from the video game The Wind Waker and how it was set at sea and such. In my opinion this layout was a very nicely put together.

Layout #11.0
Used from: 7/12/06 - 08/20/06
This layout was for when I came back after a hiatus. I didn't like it very much because the content area was too small for the content to fit. And the color after awhile killed my eyes.

Layout #12.0
Used from: 08/20/06 - 11/16/06
For this layout I wanted a very neutral and toned down look. I also wanted to add a Triforce to it because that is a big part of Legend Of Zelda.

Layout #13.0
Used from: 11/16/06 - 5/15/07
I personally loved this layout. I adored all the greens used because green is my favorite color. I used Twilight Princess pictures because at the time I was anticipating getting Twilight Princess for the Gamecube.

Old Layouts

Geocities Layout #1
Used from: ???-???,
This is when I was hosted on geocities and had used a crummy site builder.

Geocities Layout #2
Used from: ???-???,
This is when I was hosted on geocities and had used a crummy site builder.

Geocities Layout #3
Used from: ???-???,
This is when I was hosted on geocities and had used a crummy site builder.

Failed Layouts

Layout #8
Used from: ???-???,
This layout was never used. I hated it, it was way to plain. I've heard from people that I had this layout up on the site but I don't remember it that is why it is here.