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The Wind Waker: Boss Guide


Gohma has two attacks: claws and fire. Just keep jumping and moving around and you'll be fine. When you get the chance have the Grappling Hook equipt and target it to the celing where Voloo's tail is. Swing on the tail and pull downword to make big chunks of rocks fall onto Gohma. Do this threes times and Gohman is gone.

Kalle Demos

This boss uses its vines to attach itself to the ceiling. So use your Boomerang to cut off the vines. Then the flower will drop to the ground. Use your sword and slash it as many times as you can. Repeat this process 3 or 4 times and you killed it.


To start off the fight, shoot fire arrows at its eyes(on the hand). Then the hand flips over after you have hit it 2 times. Now do the same for the other hand. Both the hand have been knocked out for now. Now the face starts to attack. Use a bomb and throw it into the mouth when open. You must throw a bomb into the mouth quickly because the hands recover very quick. Repeat this process 3 or 4 times.

Phantom Ganon

When Phantom Ganon shoots the energy balls at you, you have to choices: reflect it back or either dodge it. When Phantom Ganon goes close to the ground go up to him and slash him with the sword. You can do a combo attack but be careful because you might get hit. Do either of those to kill him off.

Helmaroc King

When the Helmaroc King's beak gets stuck into the door use the Skull Hammer to strike the beak. You must keep the skull hammer out at all times. Do that three times and he will fly up and try to knock you into the wall. When he comes down hit him with the Skull Hammer. Dodge the next attack and hit him with the Skull Hammer to have the face plate break off to have his real face be exposed. Go crazy and slash him with the sword as many times as you can to win the fight.


To defeat this boss find the light in the room and have the Mirror Shield equipt. Now reflect the light onto the poe. Keep the light on him for a bit. Then when he is turned into normal form run over there and pick him up with A, then toss him into the spikes. Finally use the sword to kill as many poes in the room as you can.


At the beginning of the fight when Molgera emerges from the sand be sure not to get to close because he will devour you and cause severe damage. Get close enough to him and L target the tongue with the Hookshot and slash away with the sword. If Molgera sends out baby Molgeras just L target and slash away. Stay clear of Molgera when he flies around the arena. Slash Molgera's tongue many times to kill him.

Phantom Ganon

When he emits a single blue orb bounce it back and forth with the Master Sword until it hits him and makes him fall. When he falls run up to him and give him the final blow to destroy him.

Puppet Ganon

This is boss is probably the hardest one in the game. At the begining of the fight use your boomerang and target all the stings except the tail string. Now once you have done that it will keep him suspended in air. When he slows down from swinging back and forth hit the tail orb with the light arrows. Repeat that process three times and he will go to the second form.

Spider Form

This form is a spider that covers most of the room. He will climb on the ceiling and fall down to try to crush you. So be on the move so he wont. When you move around this will give you a clear shot of the orb and when you do, hit it three times with the light arrows to move on to the next form.

Worm Form

This form is a worm that travels at fast speeds. When you get the chance use the sword or arrows to hit him in the head to stun him for a half a second. This will hopefully give you enough time to pull out the light arrows and hit the orb that is on the end of the tail. Repeat this process three times to send this puppet away for good.

Ganondorf: The Final Boss

This final battle will not be easy but with the back-up of Princess Zelda it should be a bit easier. Princess Zelda has taken your Light Arrows to strike at will and give back up. To begin use your sword and slash him in many different ways til' you get a combo attack. When you get the combo quickly press A and it will strike him actaully. Continue this until the fight reaches the climax where the Princess will use a light arrow to reflect it on your Mirror Shield to destroy Ganon. Then Link will finally deliver the final blow and save Hyrule from the evil mastermind.

Congrats! You beat the game!